We Build Good Sh*t All Day, Everyday

We Build Good Sh*t All Day, Everyday

We made a bunch of great products over the years, including our own ones. We mastered all the necessary skills, from shaping an idea into an app, marketing and growing a product, managing beta tests and communities, to taking care of support and PR.
But most importantly, we know that an idea evolves a lot from its inception to the point of delivery we’re perfectly comfortable with that. Frankly, this makes the process a lot more exciting!
Want to know more? Check out our workflow!

01 Understanding

The first step is talking the project over throughly to get a deep understanding of what you want to solve. We challenge everything – we believe that continuous collaboration is the key to a great product.

02 Research

After understanding the problem, it’s time for us to do the homework. This means doing a deep research on every aspect of the topic, leaving no stones unturned.

03 Sketching

We start the design process with a sketchbook and a pencil. Think of this as a brainstorming session on paper – solving problems this way helps us to iterate quicker.

04 UX & UI Design

After applying the finishing touch to the wireframe based on your feedback, we fire up our favourite design tools. The same applies here, we iterate quickly, involving you in every decision.

05 Prototyping

Once the design is final, we assemble a tappable prototype. This helps us both to understand the experience better, also enabling us to start user testing, thus getting early feedback.

06 Coding

We do rapid, one-week sprints and try to ship the first alpha version as soon as possible that you can start playing around with. We have a well-defined, state of the art development process, helping us to make beautiful, and efficient native code.

07 User testing

Once the project reaches feature completion, it’s time to show it to the masses. A closed or open testing group helps build the user base and find early adopters and evangelists, both making wonders in the long run.

08 Launch

It’s time to push the button. Congrats on shipping an awesome product! Welcome to the busiest and most exciting phase, with lots of user feedback, press releases, and the marketing team working around the clock.

09 Marketing

Let’s put you on the map! Our marketing team has a lot under their sleeves when it comes to app discovery and growth. The road towards the first thousand users is long and winding, but you can lean on us on the way.

01 需求分析


02 调研


03 草图


04 界面设计


05 原型设计


06 代码实现


07 用户测试


08 发布


09 市场营销


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